Eniko Gyuris
I graduated as a biologist (2009) and biology teacher (2010) and completed my PhD in Biology (2013) at the University of Debrecen, Hungary. I worked as a junior research fellow in the MTA-DE “Lendület” Behavioural Ecology Research Group at the University of Debrecen between 2012 and 2015. I explored the evolutionary causes of consistent individual differences in behaviour called animal personality in firebugs. Since 2015 I am a post-doc in the Lendület Evolutionary Ecology Research Group. Currently I am interested in the evolutionary causes of phenotypic plasticity. My experimental work involves a serious pest species, the two-spotted spider mites and explores their alteration in morphological, behavioural and life-history traits induced by predators. I will also investigate how spider mites’ responses modify the predators’ ability to control the growth of pest populations and how predators can retain their regulatory role across multiple generations of the prey species.


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Phone: +36 1 3918608
E-mail: gyuris.eniko@agrar.mta.hu


Reprints from here.

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