Edina NemeshaziI graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, Szent István University (Budapest) as a biologist (BSc 2008-2011 and MSc 2011-2013). I joined the Conservation Genetics Research Group at the university as a graduate student, where I first focused on methodological problems of non-invasive DNA sampling and subsequently conservation genetics of white-tailed eagles (Haliaeetus albicilla). As a PhD student (2013-2016) in the same institute, I kept working with the species in an international collaboration across Europe. Since 2016, I study the effects of climate change and environmental pollution on sex ratios and sex reversal in amphibians in the Lendület Evolutionary Ecology Research Group.


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Phone: +36 1 3918607
E-mail: nemeshazi.edina@agrar.mta.hu


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